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All WIJARA Coaches & Reps;

     We at the Chestnut Mountain Race Team wanted to take a moment to give you all another reason to come visit us this year.  Many of you came to the “Chestnut Roaster” USSA race last season, but we wanted to make sure everyone knew that this USSA race on December 21st & 22nd is an “open event”.  Meaning your Non-USSA athlete can compete in a USSA race without making the 3 or 5 race commitment!  It is a great opportunity and a wonderful way to get this season started.  Please pass this information on to your respective teams.  Registration is now open and information can be found at this link:


Trevor Knight Memorial Race



Prior to investing in your new gear for the upcoming 2013-14 racing season, please consider partnering with Pierce  Skate and Ski.  Click on this link for more info.




2013 Snowstar Flex Letter


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2013-2014 WIJARA Race Dates

Chestnut: January 11-12
Sundown: January 25-26
Cascade: February 1-2
Tyrol Basin: February 22-23
LaCrosse Spring Championship: March 1-2
Brule Central Finale:—-


Snowstar Ski Team Crossfit Training Program