Snowstar Ski Team Covid-19 Policy

Snowstar Ski Team (SST) is dedicated to the protecting the health and safety of our athletes, coaches, volunteers and our community.  We will strive to comply with the federal, state, county, Snowstar Extreme Sports, and Wijara rules and regulations in an effort to prevent the spread of the virus. We will require athletes, coaches, and volunteers, to rsvp and perform a Health Check on Teamsnap prior to attending practices and races. It is our goal to provide a safe and complete season.


SST Covid-19 Guidelines

  1. Athletes/coaches/volunteers shall follow all Snowstar Extreme Sports Covid-19 Guidelines.
  2. Stay home if sick.
  3. Keep physically distant (at least 6 feet).
  4. Wear a mask/face covering at all times while at Snowstar Extreme Sports.
  5. Wear a mask/face covering at all times except when skiing or racing at away race venues (unless stricter guidelines are provided by the host race hill).
  6. Must not share drinks or food with other team members, coaches or volunteers.
  7. Athletes, coaches and volunteers must rsvp for practice and races and perform a health check no more than 8 hours prior to a practice or race.
  8. Athletes shall not share personal ski equipment.
  9. Any SST equipment that athletes, coaches or volunteers come in contact with shall be cleaned and sanitized in accordance with State of Illinois Department of Public Health guidelines.
  10. Any athlete, coach, or volunteer who has had close contact exposure should quarantine in accordance with CDC guidelines.


  1. Bring a water bottle to practice and races.
  2. Bring hand sanitizer.
  3. Avoid indoor gatherings.

Protocol if an Athlete/Coach/Volunteer test positive for Covid-19

In the event any athlete has a confirmed case of Covid-19, they or their family should notify the head coach or SST representative immediately.  SST will follow county and state guidance. All athletes, coaches and volunteers with potential exposure will be notified.


Contact Information

Bern Hofmann - SST President

Austin Huyten - SST Head Coach